Apart from the beautification and maintenance of its communities, the HDC is also focusing on the key, environmental concerns surrounding sustainability and responsibility. Climate change, safety and security are very real concerns; and HDC is committed to ensuring that as it gets properly on board this mission to preserve and safeguard our country’s most precious resources both natural and human, it also ensures that communities are not just ‘clean’, ‘well maintained’ but also ‘safe’ and ‘healthy’. Yesterday's lessons and today's circumstances are what guide the HDC as it plans the implementation of this green agenda policy.

As such, ‘green communities’ represent the HDC’s architecture of hope, as there is confidence that the existing and resident knowledge, technology, skill and most importantly, the opportunity will ensure the HDC designs and builds responsibly.  

As the world enters a new era of sustainable and environmentally-sensitive construction, the relevance of programmes such as this is heightened. Green-conscious technologies and approaches towards communities will play an increasingly important role in all future projects undertaken by the HDC. As part of the social housing programme, communities will see the proliferation of green building practices – a focus on the best practises in green and environmental building through recycling and conservation methods – HDC’s ‘Green Infrastructure Agenda’. 

2.   Adopting Green Building Practices within HDC Developments

Building for sustainability and for sustainable living will remain a primary focus of the HDC; underpinned by ensuring sustainable value. This will mean housing and community designs that utilise green building practices: paramount of which is energy efficiency through the utilisation of the natural environment, reducing the burden on energy and water use.  For new projects, there will be a focus on the best practises in green and environmental building. These include the use of high energy saving fixtures, solar street lighting and solar powered panels to housing units.

3.   Repurposed Building 64, Duncan Street, Port of Spain

HDC continues on its path in seeking to create wholesome and well integrated communities with all civic and social amenities in place through partnership with other civic and community organisations. The HDC understands the importance of creating holistic and integrated communities that support and sustain the people who call these places “home”.

HDC’s Estate Management Division stayed true to its mandate as the division completely refurbished the interior and exterior of a burnt out building at number 64 Duncan Street, POS in less than six weeks! It has been repurposed as the NEW Duncan Street Police Post and Homework Centre.

Within Building 64 Duncan Street, there are:


-          The Duncan Street Police Post

-          The Duncan Street Mediation Room:

  1. Equipped with audio-visual capabilities to support presentations
  2. Equipped with Whiteboard for meetings and discussions


-          The HDC Homework Centre

  1. With seating for 22 persons
  2. With support for computers at each seat
  3. Television and multimedia player to display documentaries etc.
  4. Whiteboard to support interactive discussions and demonstrations
  5. Colour printing facilities


-          Surveillance Capabilities:

  1. 360 degree vantage over building and surrounding areas
  2. Monitoring by on and offsite personnel

4.   Property Maintenance & Security Measures

HDC’s commitment to property maintenance and the additional security measures within all its communities are manifested in the extensive refurbishment and renovation schedule taking place. As such, the Corporation’s continues to install high energy saving fixtures and solar lights to ensure high visibility at night in its areas.


  1. Installing stand-alone solar powered street lights with LED Light, solar modules, solar batteries, poles and controller is one of the main safety strategies being implemented by the HDC. It is an initiative that symbolises a 'coming of age' for the construction sector in Trinidad and Tobago and the region, and reflects a 'paradigm shift' from energy-intensive buildings to a future of low impact, environmentally-sensitive projects which provide added sense of security…so even if the lights go out, the solar lights stay on! 
  2. Additionally, HDC has invested in high tech CCTV camera systems for 24 hour monitoring at key locations in and around the developments.

The HDC developments that will benefit from its Solar Street Lighting and CCTV systems are:

  • POS Central:
  • Chafford Court
  • Duncan Street Police Post
  • Lower Nelson Street
  • Upper Nelson Street
  • Morvant:
  • Beverly Hills
  • Paradise Heights
  • Harpe Place
  • Troumacaque
  • Almond Drive
  • East:
  • Oropune Gardens
  • Central:
  • Greenvale Phase 1
  • Greenvale Phase 2
  • Oasis, Eygpt
  • South:
  • Embacadare
  • Lady Hailes
  • Corinth Hills

Specifications for each street light are as follows:



















  • Mono solar panel:  36.7V 220W; 17% conversion efficiency
  • LED lamp:  USA Bridgelux 24V 70W; 27lux/8M; 6000K White, 95% reflector efficiency
  • Working time:  12 hours/day- 6 hours full energy mode and 6 hours energy savings mode, 3 to 4 continued overcast and raining days
  • The batteries are maintenance free 12 volt DC batteries with sufficient capacity to power the LED light for the period required with reserve for periods of inclement weather. The batteries are situated above ground in an elevated position to reduce the incidence of vandalism, theft or damage from flooding. 
  • Batteries:  two 12V120AH = 24 V deep recycles GEL storage batteries
  • Controller:  24V10A solar charge controller with sensor and dimming function
  • The poles are in heights of 8 metres or equipped with single led lamp.  They are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel, including panel bracket and base and lamp arm to prevent corrosion. Wind resistance of 150 km/h


The Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation takes its mandate of providing housing very seriously. That is why the HDC has committed itself to delivering one hundred new homes per week to citizens across Trinidad and Tobago.


To date, the Corporation has opened the doors for new homeowners in:

HDC Fairfield Estate, Princes Town

HDC Cashew Gardens North, Carlsen Field

HDC Exchange Estate, Couva

HDC Greenvale, La Horquetta

HDC Mora Heights, Rio Claro


The distribution of homes takes place across the country as families are unlocking the keys to sustainable, well-managed, communities every day.


The 100 HOMES WEEKLY porgramme will soon take place in the communities of:

HDC Oasis, Chaguanas

HDC Cypress Gardens, San Fernando

HDC La Fortune, Point Fortin

HDC Cumana, Toco

HDC Four Roads, Diego Martin


The citizens who will take up residence in these spaces are as invested in the well-being of the place as much as the government. It is hoped that their financial contribution—every instalment they make—will add to their sense of ownership and pride in their homes.

The ideas that underpin the new approach are clear and holistic. They are


  • Deliver on the supply of houses
  • Unlock housing developments that were stalled for a number of years
  • Provide affordably priced and quality homes
  • Improve accessibility through rental and rent to own programmes
  • Implement a land for the landless programme

Since 2010, the keys to 6,000 homes have been handed over to applicants; some of whom have been awaiting this moment for over 30 years. Thirty housing sites with the potential to create more than 7,000 homes have been unlocked; another 7,548 are expected to be market ready within the next two years.<

But there is more to the development of communities than merely supplying houses. Consider the services and infrastructure needed to make any place self-sustaining and desirable: schools, community centres, medical centres, police and fire stations. All these and more have been taken into account in the on-going effort not just to put roofs over heads, but to ensure that those dwelling in these areas are afforded the best possible lifestyles. Think also of what it means to genuinely take ownership and responsibility for the place you live in. If it is well cared for, if it is clean and attractive, its value increases. This is a very real benefit to the home-owner.<

The HDC remains focused on providing communities of which all stakeholders can be proud and share in the comfort and well-being offered.<