Calling All HDC Tenants

It is time to become REAL HOMEOWNERS!
License-to-Occupy(LTO)    Rent-to-Own (RTO)
You can qualify for mortgages at the TTMF or any commercial bank.
Why you should complete the process…
When you own your home, the property can be used as:
  • Collateral for new investments, growth and expansion
  • Finance further education
  • Access loans for healthcare
  • Legacy for children and loved ones
 Failure to access mortgages may result in the HDC taking the following action:
  • Withdraw expired LTO Agreements
  • Evict errant LTO holders from properties
  • Void and close LTO payment accounts   
 Visit the HDC Receivables Unit or Call 612-7432 Exts: 2503 / 2506 / 2509 / 2514 / 2518 / 2525
Kindly bring along the following documents to start your mortgage application process:
· Evidence of Nationality 
   (2 forms of picture identification)
· Proof of BIR and NIS numbers
· Evidence of Income – 
   - Job Letter and Most recent pay slip 
   - For Self Employed persons 
       1) - Bank Statements for the last three (3) years, or
           - Audited Financial Statements for the last three (3) years,
       2) - Copies of work contracts undertaken 
       3) - Copies of receipts and payments from completed jobs
· Letters of indebtedness confirming monthly installments for all Bank and Credit Union loans and Hire purchase
· Letters of non-indebtedness (if you have no loans/credit card from your financial institution)
· Most recent Credit Card Statements
· Up to date Utility Bill
· HDC Agreements

Please walk with original and photocopies of all documents.

 The HDC Mortgage Caravan will be visiting the following communities on the following dates

Saturday 14th January, 2017

Saturday 28th January, 2017

Saturday 11th February, 2017

Saturday 18th February, 2017

Saturday 11th March, 2017

Saturday 25th March, 2017

Saturday 8th April, 2017

Saturday 22nd April, 2017

Saturday 6th May, 2017

Saturday 20th May, 2017

Saturday 03rd June, 2017

Saturday 10th June, 2017

Saturday 1st July, 2017

Saturday 15th July, 2017

Saturday 12th August, 2017

Saturday 26th August, 2017

Saturday 9th September, 2017

Saturday 30th September, 2017

Saturday 14th October, 2017


- Cypress Hills, Union Hall

- Retrench Hills, San Fernando

- Corinth Hills, San Fernando

- Olera Heights, San Fernando

- Ridgewood Gardens, Golconda

- Glenroy, Princes Town

- Fairfield, Princes Town

- Wellington Gardens, Debe

- Tarouba Heights, San Fernando

- Harmony Hall, Gasparillo

- Exchange Village, Couva

- Carlsen Field, Chaguanas

- Edinburgh South, Chaguanas

- Oasis Greens, Enterprise

- Lionsgate, Enterprise

- East Grove, Valsayn

- Cleaver Heights, Arima

- Greenvale, La Horquetta

- Chaconia Crescent, Diego Martin


HDC Corinth, San Fernando Development