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HDC Introduces Debt Collection Vehicle

HDC Introduces Debt Collection Vehicle


September 14, 2018

HDC introduces Debt Collection Vehicle

As the Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation (HDC) seeks to improve its client service relationship and its debt collection effort, the Corporation has allocated a vehicle from its existing fleet, for use by its Recoveries Unit. This innovative measure will enable Recoveries personnel of the HDC to visit approximately 3000 customers who are in arrears, directly at their residence. It is expected that this approach will reduce the number of customers who claim ignorance or non-receipt of official correspondence from the HDC.

The branding and labelling on the vehicle will make it easily identifiable to the HDC’s client base and encourage delinquent customers to clear their outstanding debt. It is hoped that the public will also see the HDC’s commitment to recover outstanding monies.

The introduction of this vehicle is the continuation of a wider Debt collection Strategy which has been implemented over the past two years. No cash transactions will be made on this vehicle.