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HDC issues warning as public housing scams on the rise again

HDC issues warning as public housing scams on the rise again

July 23, 2020

It has come to the attention of the Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation (HDC) that there are individuals who are impersonating bona fide HDC employees and persuading innocent individuals that they are operating on behalf of the HDC and can assist them with housing allocation.

In light of this, the HDC wishes to underscore that:

  •   All activities related to assessment interviews and allocation of housing are conducted by HDC officers at the HDC’s South Quay Office;
  • All bona fide HDC employees wear HDC identification cards with their names, position and department;
  • All payments (administrative fees/down payments) for houses can only be made at the Cashier’s unit in full view of the cameras;
  • The HDC does not employ “agents” to operate on its behalf.

The HDC is aware that some may use the election period to prey on the vulnerability and anxiety of innocent individuals. Therefore we encourage all citizens to continue to be vigilant and not become victims of these nefarious activities.

According to HDC’s Managing Director, Brent Lyons “it is very unfortunate that citizens are still being defrauded by people intent on preying on their vulnerabilities. We therefore wish to remind citizens that all activities related to housing allocation, are conducted at the HDC’s Head Office by bona fide employees with staff identification badges and within the view of cameras.” Lyons further stated that “we at the HDC understand the importance of shelter for those who require the state’s assistance. However, this need and desire to own your own home, must not make you engage in housing “deals” which in reality are housing scams. We urge citizens to conduct their due diligence before parting with their hard-earned money and when in doubt, please contact the HDC for verification.’

Anyone who believes that he/she may have been a victim of a housing scam related to public (HDC) housing, should contact the HDC’s Security Department: 612 7432 ext 4800/4801 and immediately visit the Fraud Squad Division of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.



Additional information:

In November 2018, the HDC launched a multi-pronged, multimedia public education campaign to educate and inform the public about housing scams. This campaign took the form of print media placements, digital media content, banners, billboards and electronic sign boards. The campaign is on-going on digital media.