Welcome to the Housing Development Corporation

Home Ownership

The HDC’s affordable housing initiatives reach many citizens, from seniors and young families, homeless and those with special needs, to victims of emergency and even abuse.

In its housing programmes, initiatives, employment and access, the Trinidad & Tobago Housing Development Corporation does not discriminate on any basis. Everyone is encouraged to participate regardless of race, colour, creed or religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ancestry, age, familial status, marital status, disability, HIV status, income or political affiliation.

The HDC is committed to equal housing.

Home Ownership Options

The Ministry of Housing & Urban Development has instituted various mechanisms to increase the options to allow prospective home owners, despite income levels, to acquire an affordable home.

Affordability is the main pillar of the Housing Policy since 2002.

All applicants are required to submit copies of the following documents where necessary:
  1. National Identification Card of all adults living in the household
  2. Birth Certificates of all dependents in the household
  3. Pay Slips for all employed persons within the household
  4. Rent Receipts
  5. Utility Bills
  6. Documentation of Government Assistance e.g. Pension, Food Card, Disability Grant, Public Assistance, etc.
  7. Any other documents to support the application.


The HDC fulfils its mandate of affordability and accessibility by implementing various policies of the Ministry, designed to improve the opportunities for lower and middle income earners to access housing. These policies include:

  • Lower interest rates – 2% interest rate is offered to persons earning $8,000 and less per month.
  • Increased financing – 100% financing for persons earning $8,000 and less per month for property valued up to TTD$625,000.
  • Significant increases in geographical site options – Homes are constructed with higher densities across Trinidad & Tobago to optimise the use of limited land. New Towns are also being created at strategic growth nodes across the country.
  • Provision of substantial Government subsidies – Government subsidises the cost of land, infrastructure and construction in order to keep homes affordable.
  • Various options to accessing housing – Prospective homeowners are offered the option to purchase, rent-to-own or rent, according to the financial means.