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Emergency Housing

It has been, and continues to be, the HDC’s policy to intervene to provide housing in special or emergency cases, e.g. for victims of fire, natural disasters and other especially challenging circumstances.

 How do I qualify for Emergency Housing?

The assessment consists of an interview and home visit which provides the officers of the department with sufficient information to determine the need for Emergency Housing.

The following persons are given priority for Emergency Housing:

  • Priority 1: This includes victims of fire, domestic violence, flooding/landslide, homeless/relocation and the disabled.
  • Priority 2: This includes persons that are faced with all other social issues, including low income single parents, low income senior citizens, residents in dilapidated/inhumane conditions, residents served with notice to quit, residents in conflicts with land/property, victims of overcrowding, residents unable to pay large private rent, victims of crime, etc.

In addition to the social issues highlighted above, the applicant’s socio-economic status, family size, living conditions and social support systems are greatly considered for Emergency Housing to be granted.

All applicants are required to submit copies of the following documents where necessary:

  1. National Identification Card for all adults
  2. Birth Certificates for all dependents
  3. Pay Slips for all employed persons within the household
  4. Rent Receipts
  5. Utility Bills
  6. Documentation of Government assistance, e.g. Pension, Food Card, Disability Grant, Public Assistance, etc.
  7. Any other documents to support their application.

However, for Special or Emergency housing, applicants require additional supporting documents:

  • Fire:
    • Fire Report from the Chief Fire Officer
    • Police report for lost documents
  • Domestic Violence:
    • Police Report
    • Protection Order
    • Medical Report
    • Letters from Shelters, Safe Houses, etc.
  • Disability (Mental, Visual, Physical)
    • Medical Report
    • Letter from Social Worker
    • Letter from Association

    The Social and Community Officer will also observe the physical and mental capacity of the disabled individual.

  • Landslide/Flooding
    • Letters from Office of Disaster Preparedness & Management (ODPM)

    The Social and Community Officer will review any claims made during the home visit.

  • Homeless/Relocation
    • Letter from Shelter, etc.
    • Eviction Letters.

If you wish to be considered for emergency housing, please submit a letter to:

The Managing Director

Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation

44-46 South Quay, Port of Spain