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Please note that offices without a cashier service are only authorized to accept maintenance requests from residents within that area.
The HDC San Fernando Area Office and HDC Head Office have cashiers available.

HDC Head Office

44-46 South Quay
Tel: (868) 612-7432 (7HDC)

Beetham Area Office

Beetham Estate
Beetham Gardens, Port of Spain
Tel. (868) 612-7432 ext. 7000
No cashier service.

Morvant Area Office

211 Lady Young Avenue, Morvant
Tel. (868) 612-7432 ext. 7500
No cashier service.

Charford Court Area Office

Corner Charlotte and Oxford Streets
Port of Spain
Tel. (868) 612-7432 ext. 7300
No cashier service.

Duncan Street Area Office

Port of Spain
Tel. (868) 612-7432 ext. 7400
No cashier service.

Cocorite Area Office

17 Water Hole Road
Tel. (868) 612-7432
No cashier service.

Maloney Area Office

Jacana Avenue, Maloney Gardens
Tel. (868) 612-7432 Ext 8000

San Fernando Regional Office

#2 Mc Gillivary Street
San Fernando
Tel. (868) 612-7432 Ext 8500


General Number


Allocations 2000 allocationstatus@hdc.gov.tt
Construction (CMO) 3000 construction@hdc.gov.tt
Contracts & Tenders 6200 tenders@hdc.gov.tt
Corporate Communications 4500 communications@hdc.gov.tt
Customer Care 4100 customercare@hdc.gov.tt
Drawing Office 3700 lacservices@hdc.gov.tt
Estate Management 1000 maintenance@hdc.gov.tt
Finance 2200 accountspayable@hdc.gov.tt
Land Assembly and Coordination (LAC) 3600 lacservices@hdc.gov.tt
Legal 6250 hdclegal@hdc.gov.tt
Management Companies 6104 managementcompanies@hdc.gov.tt
Mortgage 2400 mortgagestatus@hdc.gov.tt
Project Development (PDO) 3500 project_magt_services@hdc.gov.tt
Recoveries 2530 recoveries@hdc.gov.tt
Rentals 2600 rentalstatus@hdc.gov.tt
Sales 2050 sales@hdc.gov.tt
Security 4800 securityissues@hdc.gov.tt
Social & Community Services 4900 socialcomplaints@hdc.gov.tt
To better serve our clients who may experience emergencies after working hours, the Housing Development Corporation has introduced a convenient, WhatsApp messaging platform. Clients can now send messages to our customer service representatives to have their various emergencies addressed daily from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Legal and Sales

: (868) 328-6013

Mortgage, Rentals, Recoveries

: (868) 325-0977

Social, Allocations, Estate Management

: (868) 280-6475