Welcome to the Housing Development Corporation

Maintenance Programme

The HDC strives to ensure that all its estates are suitable for comfortable living/accommodation for its residents and tenants. This is done through continuous maintenance of its estates to prevent grave wear and tear. These works are critical to ensure that tenants and residents are able to live in satisfactory conditions which will not impact their personal development and the sustainable development of the community.

This task is performed by the Estate Management Division.

Estate Management Division

The Estate Management Division manages the maintenance of the Corporation’s various estates from a number of Area Offices located in different regions of the country, namely – Maloney, Morvant, POS East, POS West, POS Central and San Fernando.

Goals & Objectives

The Division’s Goals for all Properties under management are:

  • To maintain the property in satisfactory condition
  • To keep expenses within the operating budget
  • To provide excellent service to all residents
  • To comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • To explore opportunities for revenue growth or expense reduction
  • To assess and address capital needs proactively


The Maintenance work performed by the Estate Management Division can be divided into four major categories.

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Emergency/Urgent  Maintenance
  • Vacancy Preparation
  • Routine Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is the systematic planning, scheduling, completion and documentation of inspections and work orders. The basic preventative requirements at each area offices are as follows:

  • Daily: Inspection of grounds, fencing, flood catch basins, elevators, water pumps and fire control panels.
  • Weekly: Fire alarm panels, fire pumps, emergency generators, car park lights and common service areas.
  • Quarterly: Flashings, guttering, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting systems etc.
  • Annually: Survey building exterior, look for cracks, leaks, ensure no overflows are clogged; service all pumps; ensure all elevators are inspected annually/annual inspection certificate issued by the Competent Authority.

Emergency Maintenance

What is an Emergency?
The following situations are treated as emergencies and are dealt with as soon as possible:

  • Fires of any kind.
  • Broken water line that cannot be shut off.
  • Blocked sewerage line.
  • Gas leaks in and around the unit.
  • Lockout.
  • Cannot shut and secure entry doors or ground level windows.

After Hours Procedures

  • The HDC has developed a system to handle after hours emergencies and urgent work order request.
  • After hours comprised of the hours 4.30 pm thru 8.30am Monday through Friday and weekends and holidays.
  • All after hours work must be approved by the Managing Director prior to the starts of works.
  • These work orders are entered in the system the next business day.

Vacancy Preparation

When a Tenant moves out either voluntarily or involuntarily, the Goal of the HDC is to reoccupy units as quickly as possible. Generally these units require some level of remediation, which is achieved as follows:

  • Move out inspection – inspection is conducted by the Facilities Supervisor and the general foreman.
  • Resident Damage – all damages that exceed normal wear and tear will be written up and cost allocated.
  • Prepping the unit – Scheduling done by the Facilities Manager, scope of woks prepared with a material listing and a time frame for completion. On completion, the unit is inspected and the keys returned to the Rental Division.
  • Pre Move in Inspection – To ensure all known deficiencies have been rectified.
  • Move in Inspection – Facilities Manager and the new resident conduct the inspection. Both parties verify the condition of the unit.
  • Vacancy tracking – to ensure the status and timing of each vacant unit. Also, to ensure that the unit will be ready at the appropriate time.

Routine Maintenance

These are all non-urgent, non-emergency requests for service that are received by the Corporation. The HDC has set up a call centre, where all requests received by phone are entered into the Corporation’s Yardi Property Management Software. These Service Requests are then converted to Work Orders and scheduled by the type of request and the skill-set required.