Welcome to the Housing Development Corporation

Construction Programme

Fulfilling the Mandate

The HDC provides affordable housing for citizens through a robust and aggressive housing programme. The construction programme comprises three components:

  • lnfill Lots
  • Joint Venture
  • The Urban Housing Programme

Infill Lots

Small contractors are utilised to construct new homes on available lots in existing HDC developments. In so doing, the HDC ensures that small contractors are able to participate in the housing programme and provides invaluable business experience for these micro-companies.

Joint Venture

The Housing Development Corporation enters into joint venture arrangements with small, medium and large contractors to design and build new homes and communities across the country.

Urban Housing

The Urban Housing Programme envisages the revival of existing, large urban centres by improving and increasing the number of available housing units, upgrading commercial centres and providing necessary, attendant civic and social amenities.

The Corporation is also providing affordable housing through the creation of sustainable self-contained New Towns on Green Field sites across the country. These towns will provide residential units, services, employment opportunities, recreational facilities and other civic amenities.