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Housing Locations


  1. Abbe Poujade, Carenage
  2. Angostura Building, George Street, Port of Spain
  3. Almond Court, Almond Drive, Morvant
  4. Awai Lands, Port of Spain
  5. Bagatelle, Diego Martin
  6. Bath Street, Port of Spain
  7. 6th Ave Ext, Barataria
  8. Barataria (Old), Barataria
  9. 6th Ave Apartments, Barataria
  10. Beetham, (Duplexes), Port of Spain
  11. Beetham Estate – Phase 1 , Port of Spain
  12. Beetham Estate – Phase 2 , Port of Spain
  13. Beetham Estate – Phase 3, Port of Spain
  14. Beverly Hills and Canada Apartments, Laventille
  15. Chaconia Crescent (Four Roads), Diego Martin
  16. Charlotte/Oxford Street, Port of Spain
  17. Clifton Street, East Dry River, Port of Spain
  18. Clifton Heights, Port of Spain
  19. De Freitas Street, St James
  20. Diamond Vale Housing Estate, Diego Martin Hwy, Diego Martin
  21. Duke Street,Port of Spain
  22. Duncan Street, Port of Spain
  23. Dundonald Street, Port of Spain
  24. Ethel Street, St. James
  25. Federation Park, Port of Spain
  26. Foster Quevado Road, Port of Spain
  27. Foster Street, Port of Spain
  28. George Street, Port of Spain
  29. Harding Place, Cocorite
  30. Harpe Place, Port of Spain
  31. Hilltop Villas, Sixth Avenue Malick, Barataria (aka Malick Crown Trace, Barataria)
  32. Hirondelle Street, Morvant
  33. Independence Square North, Port of Spain
  34. Irving Lane, East Dry River, Port of Spain
  35. Jackson Place, Port of Spain
  36. La Horquette, Villas, off La Horquette Valley Branch Road, Glencoe
  37. Lady Young Rd. Decanting Centres, Pitch Road, Morvant
  38. Las Alturas, (Phase 1 & Phase 2) Lady Young Road
  39. Laventille, (Port of Spain)
  1. Leon & Dorata Street , Morvant
  2. Malick 25, Barataria
  3. Malick Decanting Centre, Barataria
  4. Malick Housing Scheme, Barataria
  5. Malick Housing Scheme, (Coconut Drive) Barataria
  6. Malick Housing Scheme, Barataria
  7. Malick, Barataria
  8. Mahogany Court, Mt. Hope
  9. Mango Rose-Duke St, Port of Spain
  10. Mango Rose-Piccadilly, Port of Spain
  11. Marcano Quarry Lands, Plaisance Quarry Rd(Canada), Port of Spain
  12. Methuen Street, Port of Spain
  13. Model Houses, Malick
  14. Morvant Housing Scheme, Morvant
  15. Nelson Street, Port of Spain
  16. Old Malick, Barataria
  17. Old Malick, Morvant
  18. Parkside Apartments(Spree Simon), Port of Spain
  19. Picadilly Street, Port of Spain
  20. Picton Hill, Laventille
  21. Plaisance Terrace, Port of Spain
  22. Pensioners’ Quarters, 25 th St., (Beetham), Port of Spain
  23. Powder Magazine Phase 1, Cocorite,
  24. Powder Magazine Phase 2, Cocorite
  25. Prince Street, Port of Spain
  26. Quarry Street,Port of Spain
  27. Ramdial Mahabir Courts, Morvant
  28. Ramial Mahabir Lands, Morvant
  29. River Estate Old, North Post Road, Diego Martin
  30. Sam Boucaud Garden. off Cantaro Ext., Rd, Santa Cruz
  31. St. Francois Valley Road, Port of Spain
  32. St. Joseph Road, Port of Spain
  33. The Oasis, North Post Road, River Estate
  34. Trou Macaque, Morvant
  35. Upper Leon Street, Laventille
  36. Victoria Keyes (Four Roads), Diego Martin
  37. Worker’s Bank (FCB), cor Duncan Street & Independence Square, Port of Spain
  38. 180 B,Western Main Road, Cocorite


  1. Anglais Housing Scheme, off Anglais Road, Toco
  2. Bamboo Settlement No. 3, Northern Ave., Valsayn
  3. Basilon Court, El Dorado
  4. Belleverde Heights, Maracas Valley Settlement, Maracas
  5. Bon Air Gardens, (South), Arouca
  6. Bon Air West Phase 1,2&3, Lopinot Rd., Arouca
  7. Boy’s Lane (Old) Phase 1, D’Abadie
  8. Boy’s Lane -Townhouses, Phase 3, D’Abadie
  9. Boy’s Lane, Phase 2, D’Abadie
  10. Breezy Heights, Breeze Avenue, Mt. Hope
  11. Carib Gardens, Arima
  12. Carina Gardens, Arima
  13. Cleaver Heights, Arima Old Road, Arima
  14. Community Drive, Mt. Hope
  15. Crown St, Arouca
  16. Curepe Housing Scheme (old Curepe), Southern Main Road Curepe
  17. Demerara Heights, (Jacob’s Hill), off Churchill Roosevelt Hwy., Wallerfield
  18. Duranta Gardens, (Graham Trace A), Sangre Grande
  19. East Grove, Phase 1, Southern Main Rd, Valsayn
  20. East Grove, Phase 2, Southern Main Rd,, Valsayn
  21. El Dorado Heights, Target Road, El Dorado
  22. El Dorado Estate, El Dorado
  23. Fidelis Heights, (a.k.a Bates Trace), St Augustine
  24. Five Rivers Phase 1 &2, Arouca
  25. Foster Road, Sangre Grande
  26. Goya Lands, Goya Road, Goya
  27. Graham Trace B, Sangre Grande (portion of same Head Lease)
  28. Greenvale Park, La Horquetta
  29. Katwaroo Trace, Sangre Grande
  30. Kershorn’s Way, Cumana, Toco
  31. La Horquetta, Arima
  32. La Platta (a.ka K.P. Lands), Eastern Main Rd., Phase 1 & Phase 2, Valencia
  33. Madhoo Heights, El Dorado Road, El Dorado
  34. Mahogany Court, Eastern Main Road, Mt. Hope
  35. Maingot St./Pioneer Dr./Sunshine Dr/, Mt.Hope
  36. Malabar, Arima
  37. Malabar Phase 1, Arima (includes La Croix)
  1. Malabar Phase 2 (a), Arima
  2. Malabar Phase 2 (b), Arima
  3. Malabar Phase 3, Arima
  4. Malabar Phase 4, Arima
  5. Malabar, Arima
  6. Malabar Site 1, Arima
  7. Maloney Gardens, off Churchill Roosevelt Hwy.,D’Abadie
  8. Maracas (Site east of Belleverde Townhouses), Maracas
  9. Maracas H.D., Maracas
  10. Maturita Triangle, Arima Bye-Pass Road, Wallerfield
  11. Mountain View Heights, Mendez Drive, Champ Fleurs
  12. Mootoo Lands, Arima
  13. Mt. Hope (Old), Mt. Hope
  14. Nepuyo Court, Malabar
  15. New City, Valencia (Alexander St.)
  16. New Valencia, Valencia
  17. Oropune Village Relocation
  18. Oropune, Piarco
  19. Park Lane, Sangre Grande
  20. Peastree, El Dorado
  21. Picton Road, Sangre Grande
  22. Pineapple Smith, D’Abadie
  23. Pioneer Drive, Mt Hope
  24. Rampanalgas, off Rampanalgas Village St., Toco
  25. Real Spring East, Valsayn
  26. Real Spring, Valsayn
  27. Ridgeview Heighs, Bon Air North, Arouca
  28. Rosewood Townhouses, (Site 2), Malabar, Arima
  29. Sangre Grande Housing Scheme, Sangre Grande
  30. Savannah Villas, Aranguez
  31. Scott & Gordon St, St.Augustine
  32. Sunrise Court, Sunrise Drive (a.k.a Sunshine Drive), Mt. Hope
  33. Trestrial Lands, D’Abadie
  34. Tumpuna Road (a) & (b) , Arima
  35. Valencia Housing Scheme (Old), Valencia
  36. Valencia Housing Scheme, Valencia (Teak Lane)
  37. Woodstar Villas, Arouca
  38. Victory Heights, Victory Street, Arima
  39. Zone 8, Mt. Zion Dr, Arima


  1. Agostini Settlement, Agostini Rd., Chaguanas
  2. Anabelle Street, Pt. Lisas, Couva
  3. Cashew Gardens North (formerly Carlsen Field 3C), off Edinburgh Road, Chaguanas
  4. Cashew Gardens South (formerly Carlsen Field 3A& 3B) off Edinburgh Road, Chaguanas
  5. Couva Housing (old), Couva
  6. Couva North Phase 1, Exchange, Couva
  7. Couva North Phase 1 (Extension), Exchange, Couva
  8. Couva North Phase 2, Exchange, Couva
  9. Couva North Phase 3, Exchange, Couva
  10. Couva South, Couva
  11. Dove Ave., /Balisier Street, (Pt.Lisas) Couva
  12. Dyette Estate, off Dyette St., Cunupia
  13. Eden Gardens, off Calcutta Road #2, Freeport
  14. Edinburgh Close, Chaguanas (part of Edinburgh 500 Head Lease)
  15. Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas
  16. Edinburgh South, Chaguanas
  17. Flamingo Crescent, (Lisas Gardens),Couva
  18. Francis Street, (Lisas Gardens) Couva
  19. Gentian Park, Edinburgh South, Edinburgh Blvd., Chaguanas
  20. Gilda Street, (Lisas Gardens), Couva
  21. Hilda Street, (Lisas Gardens), Couva
  22. Ibis Gardens, Ibis Ave., Caroni
  23. Indian Trail, Gran Couva Road, Couva
  1. Jade Court, (Lisas Gardens) Couva
  2. Jennifer Street, (Lisas Gardens), Couva
  3. June Street, (Lisas Gardens), Couva
  4. La Paille Village, Southern Main Road, Caroni
  5. La Paille Village, Caroni – Squatter Regularization
  6. Lionsgate, Enterprise, Chaguanas
  7. Lisas Boulevard, (Lisas Gardens), Couva
  8. Lisas Gardens, Couva South, Townhouse (Block 4o6)
  9. Lisas Gardens, Couva South, Townhouse (Block 4o7)
  10. Lisas Gardens, Couva South, Townhouse (Block 4o8)
  11. Lisas Gds, Couva South, Townhouse (Block 409)
  12. Lisas Gds, Couva South, Townhouse (Block 410)
  13. Lisas Gds, Couva South, Townhouse (Block 508)
  14. Lisas Gds, Couva South, Townhouse (Block 509)
  15. Marjorie Street, (Lisas Gardens), Couva
  16. Martha Street, (Lisas Gardens), Couva
  17. Mary Street, (Lisas Gardens) Couva
  18. Oasis Greens, Egypt Trace, Enterprise
  19. Pelican Avenue, (Lisas Gardens), Couva
  20. Roystonia, (PEU/ NHA), Couva
  21. Savannah Heights, Charlieville, Chaguanas
  22. Susan Street, (Lisas Gardens), Couva
  23. Ursula Street, (Lisas Gardens) Couva


  1. Aster Street , Union Hall, San Fernando (portion of Union Hall Head Lease)
  2. Bernard St, San Fernando
  3. Bien Venue, (Bayview), La Romain
  4. Blitz Village, Pleasantville
  5. Buen Intento Phase 1, M1 Tasker Rd., Princes Town
  6. Buen Intento Phase 2, M1 Tasker Rd., Princes Town
  7. Butler Street, Southern Main Rd., Pt. Fortin
  8. Cane Street, San Fernando
  9. Carlton Lane, San Fernando
  10. Chadee Street, San Fernando
  11. Cipero Street, San Fernando
  12. Cipriani Street, San Fernando
  13. Coffee Street, San Fernando
  14. Commission Street, San Fernando
  15. Corinth Close, San Fernando
  16. Corinth Hills, off Churchill Roosevelt Hwy, San Fernando
  17. Cypress Ridge, Cypress Hills (Phase 1 and Phase 2)Union Hall Gardens, San Fernando
  18. De Norbriga Street, San Fernando
  19. Dos Santos Street, San Fernando
  20. Embacadere Housing Scheme , off Lady Hailes Ave., San Fernando
  21. Embacadere Squatter Reg, off Lady Hailes Ave., San Fernando
  22. Embacadere, off Lady Hailes Ave., San Fernando
  23. Fairfield Estate, Fairfield Road, Princes Town
  24. Glenroy Settlement, Princes Town
  25. Greig Estate, Bonasse Village, St. Marie Rd, Cedros
  26. Gomez Trace, Phase I, Moruga
  27. Gomez Trace, Phase II, Moruga
  28. Harmony Hall, Marabella
  29. Hillcrest Gardens, Retrench , San Fernando
  30. Hubertstown, (New) , Guapo
  31. Hubertstown, (Old ) , Guapo
  32. Jamadar Street, San Fernando
  33. Lady Hailes Avenue, San Fernando
  34. Lake View, La Fortune, Pt. Fortin
  35. Lawrence Street, San Fernando
  36. Leotaud Street, San Fernando
  37. Les Efforts, San Fernando
  38. Lexus Villas, Marabella
  39. Lower Hillside, San Fernando
  40. Mc Sween Street, San Fernando
  41. Medine Street, San Fernando
  1. Mon Repos Housing, San Fernando
  2. Mon Repos, San Fernando
  3. Mowll Bushe Hickling, Fyzabad
  4. Naparima Mayaro Road, San Fernando
  5. Newbold Street, Mon Repos
  6. Olera Heights, San Fernando
  7. Orchid Gardens, Pleasantville
  8. Pier View Estates , La Brea
  9. Pleasantville (Ward of Naparima), San Fernando
  10. Pleasantville Ext. (Borough of San Fernando)
  11. Pleasantville Housing Scheme
  12. Pleasantville, Borough of San Fernando
  13. Pleasantville, San Fernando
  14. Ramsaran Street, San Fernando
  15. Ridgewood Gardens, Golconda Phase 1 & Phase 2 , San Fernando
  16. Riverside East, Corinth
  17. Riverside North, Corinth
  18. Riverside South, Corinth
  19. Riversdale Gardens, Gasparillo
  20. Roy Joseph Street, San Fernando
  21. Rushworth Street, San Fernando
  22. Sobrian/Gambal St, Siparia
  23. South Cottages, San Fernando
  24. Southern Gardens, Pt. Fortin
  25. Striker’s Village, Point Fortin
  26. Tarodale Hills, (Thompson Gardens ), San Fernando
  27. Tarodale Gardens, Phase 1 and Phase 2 , San Fernando
  28. Tarouba Heights North, (St John Rd), Tarouba
  29. Tarouba Heights Extension, (St John Rd), Tarouba
  30. Tarouba North, San Fernando
  31. Titanium Crescent, San Fernando (portion of Union Hall Gardens)
  32. Union Hall Gardens, San Fernando
  33. Wardens Road (S.R.), Point Fortin
  34. Wellington Road, Debe, Phases 1 & 2 (NHA) (includes Serenity Heights)
  35. Wellington Gardens, Wellington Rd., Debe
  36. Wellington Gardens Ext, Wellington Rd, Debe
  37. Wilson Road, Palo Seco
  38. Winston Mahabir Street, San Fernando
  39. Wooding Street, San Fernando
  40. Young Street, San Fernando