Welcome to the Housing Development Corporation


Government-Subsidised Housing Applicants

To apply for Government-Subsidised Housing applicants must:

  • Be citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and have been residing here for the last five (5) years preceding the date of signing a Statutory Declaration;
  • Be twenty-one (21) years and over;
  • Not be owner/part owner of property/land in Trinidad and Tobago;
  • Be first time homeowners; and
  • Have a monthly (combined) income of the applicant (applicants) that must not exceed twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00).
  • Application forms can be obtained from any office of the Housing Development Corporation or the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development;
  • Application forms must be completed and submitted to the HDC Head Office
  • Information from the completed application form is entered into the Ministry’s database;
  • Applicants then receive a reference number, username and password. The reference number identifies the applicant(s) on the database. (The username and password allow applicant(s) to login to their account to view and/or make changes to their application information as and when necessary.)
  • The status of the application remains unchanged until the application is selected in a computerized, modified draw.
  • An applicant can follow-up on his/her application by visiting HDC Head Office and meeting with a representative of the Allocations Department;
  • The HDC representative will search for applicant on HAFS (application) database;
  • The HDC representative will update applicant contact, address, salary, and make changes to locations of housing preference if necessary.
  • Or you can update your application HERE.
  • An applicant can collect his/her reference number from the Information Desk at the HDC Head Office.
  • Visit the HDC’s Head Office for an application form;
  • Fill out the co-applicant section of the form;
  • Include reference number on application form.
  • An applicant that wishes to be removed is the only person that can remove themselves. The Applicant will have to visit a Justice of the Peace and swear an Affidavits stating they are no longer interested in the application.

Act 24. 2005 outlines that housing units be distributed as follows:

  • 60% via a Modified Random Selection Process;
  • 25% through recommendation of the Minister with responsibility for housing to deal with special emergencies (persons selected by the Minister are subject to the same financial obligations as clients allocated by other means);
  • 10% for the Joint Protective Services; and
  • 5% for senior citizens and physically challenged persons
  1. Randomly Selected for Housing
  2. Interview & Assessment
  3. Approval & Allocation
  4. Customer Showing
  5. Offer letter
  6. Payment & Agreement execution / Mortgage Payment in Full
  7. Transfer of Utilities
  8. Receipt of Keys
  • The length of the application process depends on random selection and the availability of housing units in locations of preference.

An applicant would not be contacted if:

  • There are no available units in locations of preference; and
  • The applicant does not qualify for Government-Subsidised Housing.
  • The contact information on the application is incorrect and applicant cannot be contacted

Otherwise, an applicant will be contacted by the HDC when there is progress with the application.

  • No, there is no way to fast-track the application process.
  • Rent-To- Own is not a facility that can be applied for. It is based on the applicant’s financial assessment and the Managing Director’s discretion.
  • No, neither the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development nor the Housing Development Corporation accepts funds to expedite home ownership.
  • An applicant will know if they are qualified for an HDC home at the stage of the financial investment interview.

HDC Tenants

Contact the Estate Management Department at 612-7432:

  • ext 1000 (Port-of- Spain)
  • ext 8500 (San Fernando)
  • Download a defects form HERE

Contact the Estate Management Department at 612-7432:

  • ext 1000 (Port-of- Spain)
  • ext 8500 (San Fernando)
  • Contact the Social and Community Relations Department at 612-7432 ext 4900 or
  • Contact the Security Department at 612-7432 ext 4800.
  • Anyone can report HDC tenant infractions by contacting the HDC Social Department 612-7432
    ext 4900.

HDC Homeowners

Deeds with mortgages

  1. Customer obtains approvals from a financial institution;
  2. Upon approval, instructions are dispatched for deed to be prepared (in escrow);
  3. The customer is contacted and customer executes deed;
  4. Deed is forwarded to Board of Directors for execution;
  5. Once deed is fully executed, same is forwarded to Board of Inland Revenue to be stamped;
  6. Copies of stamped deeds are forwarded to the financial institution;
  7. Financial institution instructs their Attorneys At Law to prepare the mortgage deed;
  8. Once customer executes mortgage deed, the financial institution shall proceed to pay the balance that is due and owning for the property;
  9. Once the HDC receives payoff, the deed of sublease is registered and a copy is forwarded to the mortgage attorney instructing them to register the customer’s mortgage deed;
  10. Upon completion, the customer is contacted to collect their copies of the deed.

To request boundaries, a homeowner would:

  • Fill out a request form at the CSR desk located on the Ground Floor of the HDC Head Office and the HDC Drawing Office will follow-up with the individual to fulfil the request.

Working with the HDC

  1. Petty Contracts for remedial and refurbishment works
  2. Micro/Small Contracts for small scale construction
  3. Large Contracts for large scale construction
  • To apply, application forms must be completed and submitted to the information desk located on the ground floor of the HDC Head Office.
  • The HDC Estate Management Department will follow-up with the company.
  • Every three (3) years, the HDC conducts an pre-qualification excercise for micro/small and large contractors;
  • The Information is recorded on a database where the HDC invites contractors on that database to tender for contracts.