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Lexus Villas (Harmony Hall)

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Status : Ongoing
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Improved Quality of Homes
In 2016, the HDC implemented a 22 Point Certification Quality Management Programme to ensure improved quality on its construction projects. This programme ensures that at every stage of the construction process, there is sign-off and approval of the work that was done in that particular stage before the contractor moves to the next stage. This guarantees that the HDC’s contractors adhere to the highest and best quality standards.

Ongoing Civil Infrastructure Works on the project includes:
• Water reticulation and fire system
• Box, swale and slipper drains
• Utility corridor
• Road works
• Sewer lift station
• Detention pond
• Sanitary piping and wastewater installation

Project detail

Start date: August 2017

The Lexus Villas Housing Development (Harmony Hall) is situated on 3.67 hectares (9.07 acres) of land and a total yield of 102 townhouses completed.