About Us

The Trinidad & Tobago Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is an Agency of the Ministry of Housing & Urban Development and has been in the business of providing critical housing assistance, through an aggressive construction programme.

The HDC is founded on the belief that decent, safe and attractive housing is central to the physical and emotional health, productivity and self-esteem of the people it serves.

The HDC was established in 2005 to replace the older National Housing Authority (NHA) and operates under the provisions of Act No. 24 of 2005. The Corporation is mandated by the Act to:
  • Provide affordable shelter and associated community facilities for low and middle income persons.
  • Carry out the broad policy of the Government in relation to housing.
Since its inception, the HDC has assiduously and compassionately pursued opportunities to provide and make housing more accessible and affordable for citizens of Trinidad & Tobago.

The Corporation's core functions are:
  • Research & Planning
  • Land Acquisition
  • Land Development
  • Facilitation of Housing Construction
  • Construction Management
  • Facilitation of Access to Mortgage Financing
  • Property Management

The Blueprint for Progress

The HDC’s vision is to be internationally recognised as a leader in providing innovative and affordable services and solutions for citizens.

Its mission is to expand the supply of affordable and quality rental and home-ownership opportunities, through building safe and attractive communities for the families it serves, thereby improving the quality of life for all residents.

Each new endeavour will enhance and increase the organisation's capacity to continue its mission and to assure the effectiveness of the HDC as a provider and administrator of affordable housing programmes.

The HDC will continue to provide affordable housing opportunities for low income households in Trinidad & Tobago in an environment which preserves personal dignity and in a manner which maintains public trust.
In carrying out its mission, the HDC remains committed to:
  • Increasing housing choices.
  • Respect for citizens and employees.
  • Excellence in management and operation.
Core Values:
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Compassion
Guiding Principles:
  • We are committed to treating everyone with respect.
  • We will not compromise our shared ethical standards and dedication to quality and excellence.

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