Welcome to the Housing Development Corporation

About Us


To be internationally recognised as a leader in providing innovative and affordable services and solutions for citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.



To expand the supply of affordable and quality rental home-ownership opportunities through building safe communities for the families we serve, thereby improving quality of life for residents.


Core Values

  • Excellence – The HDC must go beyond doing its best. It must adhere to the highest standards in all aspects of its operations, and demonstrate an ability to do so consistently.


  • Respect – The HDC will work within the law, and in keeping with its mandate, to ensure that the rights of beneficiaries are respected, protected and fulfilled.


  • Accountability – It is important for the HDC to protect public interest, and engender a sense of faith in its ability to fulfil its mandate.


  • Integrity – In defining its standards and its morals, the HDC makes a bold statement. It must work tirelessly to ensure that its operations reflect respect for rules and regulations and fairness in the delivery of services to beneficiaries.


  • Compassion – The vulnerable groups which are targets of the HDC’s operations must be treated with empathy and understanding. Their concerns should be treated as valid and addressed to achieve the best possible outcomes.