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HDC’s Emergency Preparedness efforts

HDC’s Emergency Preparedness efforts

In preparation for today’s adverse weather,  members of the HDC’s Emergency Preparedness and Response Team visited some of the HDC’s most vulnerable communities such as Greenvale Park, Oropune Gardens, Edinburgh South and Harmony Hall, Gasparillo on Saturday, to assess water levels in nearby water courses, distribute flood bags and implement other preparedness measures. 

The team, led by the Managing Director, Brent Lyons, has also been in contact with first responders and the relevant municipal corporation to ensure that the necessary response approaches will be adopted in a timely and coordinated manner if any of our most vulnerable communities are impacted.

Contact has also been made with  the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) to ensure that the ELDAM buses can be used to transport persons with disabilities and the elderly within these communities, should the need arise. Other private transport providers have also been put on alert to provide the necessary support to residents. The Emergency Preparedness and Response Team stands ready to assist the first responders and the other state agencies in the execution of their response efforts as they relate to HDC housing communities.

This morning, the Managing Director and a small team will visit Greenvale Park and Oropune Gardens to do another analysis of the situation. 

The HDC urges residents to be vigilant and alert and pay specific attention to the warnings from the relevant agencies and media.