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STATEMENT- Emergency Preparedness and Response Team out in Greenvale Park, Oropune Gardens and other vulnerable communities

STATEMENT- Emergency Preparedness and Response Team out in Greenvale Park, Oropune Gardens and other vulnerable communities

Following Saturday’s preparedness efforts, HDC Managing Director, Brent Lyons and members of the Emergency Preparedness and Response Team, visited Greenvale Park and Oropune Gardens  today to assess the water levels in the nearby watercourses and detention ponds. At that time, the team was satisfied with the effective functioning of the stormwater pumps and the other mitigation measures which had been put in place in these communities.

Before the start of the hurricane season, the HDC implemented a number of mitigation initiatives in Greenvale Park. These include the raising of the containment berm to fully surround the community; raising of the berm and culvert, crossing the eastern access road; raising the roadways surrounding the community and constructing a road to connect La Horquetta South and Greenvale Park, which will be used an alternative exit route for residents. Work is currently underway on the construction and installation of an automated flood pumping station to ensure increased and more reliable pumping capacity at the detention ponds. At Oropune Gardens and Greenvale Park, water courses were cleaned and pumps were placed to treat with any rising water levels.

In addition to the visit to these two vulnerable communities this morning, emergency teams also visited and continued to distribute flood bags to residents in Harmony Hall, Gasparillo; Buen Intento, Princes Town; Gomez Trace Phases 1 and 2, Moruga; Edinburgh South, Chaguanas; Oropune Gardens and Greenvale Park. In total, over 3500 floodbags were distributed to residents in these communities.

Emergency shelters at the La Horquetta Regional Complex and Arouca Community Centre were opened in the event that there is a need to evacuate residents and the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) has been on alert and is ready to assist persons with disabilities and the elderly within our communities, if relocation is required.

As at 3:15 pm today, the situation in our most vulnerable communities has been stable. While street flooding was observed in a few areas at Oropune Gardens and Cypress Gardens, these waters are expected to recede in a few hours and therefore, pose no threat to property at this time.

The HDC’s team will continue to monitor the situation over the next 36 hours and stands ready to assist the first responders and other state agencies in the execution of their response duties as they relate to the HDC housing communities.