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Greenvale Park is not being evacuated

Greenvale Park is not being evacuated

August 02, 2020
Contrary to videos  and photos being circulated on social media and other platforms, Greenvale Park is not being evacuated at this time. 
The Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation (HDC) understands the nervousness some residents may experience once there is heavy rainfall but we wish to advise that the mitigation systems which  have been installed in the community, are functioning as they should. For eg, 
  •  The berm is functioning as it should and continues to prevent water from surrounding water courses from entering the Greenvale Park community. 
  •  The pumps are on and functioning and continue to displace the excess water  away from the ponds.

Water that would have gathered on some streets in Greenvale Park, is quickly receding and poses no threat to life or property. The HDC’s Emergency Response Team continues to monitor this situation.

Flooding in La Horquetta

The HDC’s Emergency Response Team is aware of street flooding on some streets in La Horquetta. Clean up crews from the HDC have been mobilised to assist. These crews will work with the relevant agencies to bring relief.